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Katie Klein LMT, BCTMB

Katie Klein LMT

Katie Klein – LMT, BCTMB

I am a board certified and licensed massage therapist who has been working in the field of massage since 2007.
Originally from San Diego, I began studies in the healing arts learning herbalism, aromatherapy, and energy work in 1997 to understand how we can heal ourselves and reconnect to the nature within and around us. During this time, I was also a founding member of Shakti Rising non-profit which focuses on women’s health, empowerment, and social change that comes from personal transformation.
It is through being a part of this holistic movement that led me to massage and cranial sacral therapy. I have learned an integrative approach that focuses on the body as a whole biosphere that relates to our internal processes as well as our environment and external circumstances. I believe most healing occurs during deep relaxation and stillness where we can let go of tightly held patterns and limiting beliefs.

Through this work, I have experienced within myself and others, that there is an inherent healing mechanism that is always present, available to restore the body, mind and spirit into balance. Some of the therapies I integrate during a session are Connective tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Deep tissue, Swedish/ circulatory, Lymphatic drainage, Reiki and Cranial Sacral. I am currently working on certification for Cranial Sacral Therapy with a biodynamic perspective and enjoying the spaciousness of living in Flagstaff, AZ for the past 2 1/2 years where endless hiking trails are right out my backdoor.

Lucinda Josh LMT Flagstaff

Lucinda Josh LMT

Lucinda Josh LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Deep Tissue,
Swedish/ Circulatory

Lucinda is a Native American from Florida. She has lived in Flagstaff, AZ for over 14 years. Mother of 7, grandmother of 4, she became interested in massage to learn how to take care of the body and to have a healthier family.

“I take great joy and satisfaction knowing that I have helped someone with their body to feel better, have more quality of life and to bring them to become aware of their body.”

Lucinda has been a licensed massage therapist for over 2 years. She specializes and excels in deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and targeted areas such as back, neck and shoulders to relieve pain and promote relaxation. Her touch is warm and caring, working deeply and effectively with the body.


Massage Quotes

  • “Silence is a place of great power and healing.” Rachel Naomi Remen
    Rachel Naomi Remen is an author, teacher, and promoter in integrative medicine.
  • “When you touch a body, you touch a whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.” Jane Harrington
  • Massage is the study of Anatomy in Braille! Jack Meagher
    Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy
  • “The ocean…..our blood….the water inside the planet….spinal fluid….are all the same. All fluid activities are in resonance. They mutualize and inform each other. The fluid inside this biosphere called Earth and the fluids of our bodies are in constant rapport, inexorably reciprocal in ways we have barely discovered.” Emilie Conrad
Flagsstaff Sports Massage

Flagstaff Sports Massage